Hey! A little bit about me…

I’m Eilidh (pronounced like Aylee)

I’m a born and bred Scot, with a love of all things country and canine. I got my hands on a camera when I was twelve, and it became my favourite hobby – I was obsessed! I always said, “When I’m older, I want to be a photographer!” Turns out dreams really do come true, because I’ve got the privilege of doing just that.

Taking photos for me is something pretty incredible, it’s a real honour to be given the opportunity to capture special moments in people’s lives. There is nothing better than capturing the most beautiful, heartfelt, natural moments and with that creating a visual story for you to keep forever. I’m living the dream, doing what I love best!

Things I love

  • Dogs… I have a little rascal of a pup called Torrin. He’s a chocolate roan working cocker and he follows me… everywhere! Even to some of my shoots!
  • Marmite. Love it or hate it. I really, really love it. (Note: only on white toast with lots of butter).
  • Tea. Folks that know me well will know that I’m a tea addict. I love a good cup of tea. I also run a loose leaf tea business alongside ES. I’m so cool.
  • Walking. If I’m not in my office working, or outside sipping tea… I’ll be out walking the fields with Torrin. I’m a country bumpkin through and through. Wellies are my slippers.
  • Skye. Lots of my Dad’s side of the family came from Skye and still live there; I love going back whenever I can.
  • An open fire. No explanation needed.
  • Jesus! I have always built this business and allowed Jesus to be my up-line manager. Alongside the practical work and meeting you lovely people, He makes doing what I do even better.

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  • We LOVE these two  We are literally so sad
    4 hours ago by eilidhsutherlandphotography We LOVE these two // We are literally so sad we can’t be with them on their wedding day, but their engagement shoot seriously made up for it // windswept love up in the Lomond Hills // you can’t get better than that can you?!
  • Up in the clouds   weve posted all our
    1 day ago by eilidhsutherlandphotography Up in the clouds ☁️ // we’ve posted all our favourite sneaky peeks over on our Facebook page from Andrew and Lucy’s wonderful engagement shoot! Do not miss them! // this HAS to be one of our faves! Check out this cloud and the blue sky // amazing!
  • When your couple are total CUTIES and you get to
    2 days ago by eilidhsutherlandphotography When your couple are total CUTIES and you get to capture moments like these // Seren and Sam
  • OH MY GOODNESS   Derbyshire Dales the exact spot
    4 days ago by eilidhsutherlandphotography OH MY GOODNESS ☀️ // Derbyshire Dales (the exact spot from the Kiera Knightley Pride and Prejudice film) you won our hearts! // we LOVED hanging out Andrew and Lucy today in the Dales and catching the sunset // one to remember!
  • Todays view for Andrew and Lucys engagement shoot was PHENOMENAL!!
    4 days ago by eilidhsutherlandphotography Today’s view for Andrew and Lucy’s engagement shoot was PHENOMENAL!! // Derbyshire Dales
  • Sweet engagement session moments  snowy forests scenes and these
    7 days ago by eilidhsutherlandphotography Sweet engagement session moments // snowy forests scenes and these two lovebirds, Rachel and John
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